Dave Moser was in the ChatterCorner with Louisa J. Curtis

Consultant Louisa Curtis interviewed Dave about a dream portrait assignment for, Richardson Merriman, the Chairman of The Pennsylvania Trust Company an investment banking company.

Dave has been working with The Pennsylvania Trust Company through their design firm since 1999. Consequently, Dave developed a friendship with Rich, who is an ardent art collector and was inspired by the photographs Moser created for The Doe Fund’s Ready Willing & Able project that helps recovering addicts, ex-convicts, and formerly homeless men find employment and housing. Dave’s photographs were later exhibited at the investment banking company’s headquarters to celebrate their 25th anniversary. Merriman felt this series was honest and raw, and was inspired to begin his own project.

One of the Doe Fund images that moved Merriman to hire Dave for his project

Merriman invited Dave to collaborate in a personal project  and to create a series of portraits of the people who mean the most to him – his friends and family. Over sixty dramatic black and white 16″ X 24″ portraits are now displayed in the chairman’s office, which was redesigned to accommodate this unique collection. The chairman’s busy days are enriched and inspired by looking at the images and making eye contact with those he loves.

Images from Dave’s project for Merriman

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