Dave receives Graphis Gold

Dave receives gold from the 2014 Graphis Photography Annual

This is a passionate personal project that redefines the role of the American Housewife. Many people claim to respect housewives, but instead see only the resented and dated stereotype. I set out to create a body of work that is not intended to document but rather to editorialize and create narrative around my experience in meeting such a diversified, hard working and committed group of people.  I see this role as one of the most important in our society. 

Each photograph is a collaboration between me and my subject.

I asked a friend, who is a housewife, to work with me to recruit subjects, as she has a large circle of acquaintances who fit our definition.  We define “housewife” as a man or woman working less then 35 hours per week out of home, is not single and has children. 

I accepted all subjects that agreed.  After scouting their location we would then schedule the shoot.  Interestingly, in order to have an actual shoot day, we would often endure many postponements per subject, such as child illnesses, water heaters going bad, surprise visits from mother-in-laws and beyond.  Pointing again to the importance of the role.

All subjects were photographed in their own homes wearing their own clothes.  There is no cosmetic retouching. Our post work applies intentional color palettes as well as old school “darkroom techniques” to express the mood and narrative. 

Take a look at the winning series and tell us…what’s your take? To see more from The American Housewife Series, click here.

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