Dave’s Chronicles (3 of 3)

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I have the ideal client in the truest sense and this is a dream project. We shared in the editing process, possibly the most important part of the project. 

When I shoot, I work quickly and intuitively shooting at times without looking at the subject, and looking for something I have not seen before.  Because I am limited to 30 minutes at most per subject, I tend to shoot quite a bit, rather quickly, stopping to ask, listen, connect, and share. 

Sometimes my client will ask me to edit prior to presenting the images to him.  Other times he goes through each frame with me.  He makes the call whether to leave it in, but may concede to my opinion if it is strong enough.  Often he excitedly states, “That’s it! That’s it. That’s Kenwyn!”  Sometimes he considers multiple options and compares. 

He is looking for what he knows of that person during the edit, what he has seen before, his experience of that person.  I am looking for the best image, unexpected, telling, emotional and powerful.  But what I know of these people is limited and intuited at best.  He conceded that he learned more about these people through the experience I conveyed while photographing them.  I found the dialogue during our routine editing sessions to be profound, confirming subtle and intimate details from each of our experiences.  His understanding of photography and portraiture grew rapidly, reminding me of why he heads a very successful company.

When I described what I have understood of the subject, my client often felt I was spot on. He often looks for consensus in the editing, which I cannot always provide.  I weigh this conviction to his decision with my feelings about the images.  At times I strongly disagree and at times I simply nod, totally agreeing. 

He will switch out images, often after they are hanging.  He will go back and re-edit, or ask me to re-edit, as he sees a pattern of expressions that he decides are not revealing or possibly redundant. I believe on any given day we may pick different images. There is no right image.  I know this bothers him, but I cannot consider his occasional question, “Which image is most artistic?” That would lead me towards choosing the best photograph that satisfies my pursuits rather than supporting his collection. After all, the creative process and spontaneity are strong allies of this project. 


This project is dynamic. You will not find someone quite like this man again, He is a man of vision. Could you see this project happening for someone else? 


I don’t know. Don’t know. Don’t know… Certainly not with the same treatment. The Thread of Vision 


There is a thread of vision no matter how you treat the subject. It feels as if it was photographed by the same person. It goes beyond technique. It goes beyond style. 


I think the relationship with the man is the thread.  These subjects all love him. Many relationships go back decades. Since he did the editing with me, his vision as well as my own runs throughout the project. Our blood is everywhere. 


What’s your take?

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5 thoughts on “Dave’s Chronicles (3 of 3)

  1. Adan, Your welcome and thank you for sharing your thoughts so eloquently. I agree, this project really shows the love and deep connections we all have, through one individuals expression, this project. I was truly honored to be part of this, and then become one of the people he wanted on his wall.

  2. Dave, what a journey, what an experience, this is what it means to have your passion intersect with a need….this is the kind of stuff that makes life beautiful. Thanks for sharing this part of yourself. I feel I know a little better after reading these blogs.

  3. Thanks Cathy, My client is a very unique and generous person. It has been an honor and privilege to work with him and become friends. Thank you Gloria! I too had a great time in Somerset and spending time with you and Bob!

  4. What a wonderful project Dave! I enjoy this. What a special person your client must be — it says a lot about you and your work that he chose you and of course, you did such a nice job!

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