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By Ian Summers and Dave Moser

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I was fascinated by this project. To my knowledge nothing like this had ever been attempted in the corporate world.  I met Dave’s private client at his office to interview him for an upcoming book of Dave’s photographs.

His walls are covered with interesting paintings. He took me on a tour. He is a passionate and tasteful collector.  There weren’t any photographs.

His personal office was a work in progress. At this time, there were about twenty-four of Dave’s portraits displayed side-by-side opposite his desk. The man beamed. A piece of his heart was featured on his office walls. He told me he loved each subject in a different way.

I wanted to know more about them. What was it that made each person lovable? I asked him to introduce me to each subject. He made the introductions as if the person was actually in the room. He did this spontaneously. I was mesmerized.

Dave was announced by the receptionist and joined the meeting carrying work his client hadn’t seen. The framed prints were wrapped in brown paper. As he unwrapped them, I saw his face. It was as if he was a little boy receiving a birthday present. It was a very childlike response from the man in a suit. I thought, “This man is a multi-faceted maverick.”

Dave and his client began hanging and rearranging pictures to new positions in the collection. With each new juxtaposition, the work, the room, Dave, the client, and I seemed transformed.

We realized that this project expresses what so may people feel about folks who matter in their lives. This body of work is a unique expression of love. We expect it will inspire and become a model for others. This is a tribute to the fine people we touch (and are touched by) in our lives when we begin to pay attention. And that is exactly what it does.



This project greatly expanded our friendship. We shared profoundly intimate portions of our lives. I found his childlike enthusiasm intoxicating.


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3 thoughts on “Friends Count (2 of 3)

  1. Thank you Neil! I couldn’t agree more, I would love to have a wall of the folks that have meant the most to me. I love the idea of having someone else’s experience mixed into this as well.

  2. I’ve admired your project from our work together, and it’s satisfying to read how much this has meant to your client and you. Everyone should document their loved ones so.

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