Getting Sharky with Barbara Corcoran

I had the pleasure of photographing Barbara Corcoran, a self-made American businesswoman whom many of you know from the popular ABC show, Shark Tank for a recent cover of Success Magazine. It was a creative collaboration with Creative Director Carl Waters of Success.


Barbara Corcoran standing on filing cabinets in blue dress
Barbara Corcoran photographed for Success Magazine by Dave Moser


Photographing a renaissance woman such as Barbara Corcoran was amazing.  She was open to ideas and game for anything. I captured the many aspects that have been part of her blooming career as an investor, business consultant, syndicated columnist, author, TV personality and a mother of two.  She is also the second of ten kids; that’s right, TEN kids! It’s clear she has come a long way from growing up with her brothers and sisters in a two-bedroom apartment in Edgewater, NJ. It goes without saying, that she was an inspiration to shoot and a joy to be around.

Barbara Corcoran in a yellow dress laughs while sitting in a chair against a red wall
Barbara Corcoran photographed for Success Magazine by Dave Moser



The apartment’s hallway, which is my favorite part of her residence, was designed specifically to display family portraits and the art of her two children, Tommy and Kate. Incidentally, Kate had stayed home sick that day so I was privy to seeing Ms. Corcoran as a dynamic businesswoman and a dedicated mother.

Barbara Corcoran stands against white wall with paintings
Barbara shows off some of her kids paintings in her home.


Getting a lot accomplished in a short amount of time is always a challenge, however the atmosphere of laughter and hospitality in Ms. Corcoran’s home made the experience effortless. She was playful and inviting to me and my team, who deserve credit for an awesome shoot! So thank you  to Assistant Jason Blake, Digital Tech Brittany Broyles, Hair & Make-up Artist Tiffany Leigh Patton, and Wardrobe Stylist Nancy Smith. Special thanks to Barbara Corcoran, Gail Abrahamsen, and Caroline Mendoza. Without their support – the day would not have gone off as easy going as it did!


Barbara Corcoran in her yellow living room pets her dog
Barbara Corcoran photographed for Success Magazine by Dave Moser


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