Graphis Win!

Graphis just informed Dave that he’s won a Gold Award for his photography work, The Merriman Project (Note: this project was later titled – Love Story). Their Photography Annual has been going strong for almost 50 years, and Dave is proud to be part of its legacy. Below are two of Dave’s winning images, which won in the “Privately Commissioned Portraits” category:

Not to mention,  this is his 2nd year straight as a Graphis winner! He won last year for his American Housewives series.

You can see the rest of his award-winning images on Graphis‘ website, and learn more about the project on this blog’s very own digital pages. This is Dave’s second win this year for this project, as he also recently won an Applied Arts‘ award.

More about Graphis, from their website: “Since 1944, Graphis has presented a compelling record of the world’s most influential work in Design, Advertising, and Photography—art that has demonstrated excellence and determination in overcoming economic, cultural, and creative hurdles in the visual communications industry.”

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