Jeanna, An American Housewife

The experience of being photographed was eye opening for Jeanna. With only the project title to play on, the house and wife spoke her own story.

As an artist, I am thrilled with how beautiful the final photos really turned out. That was your mastery Dave. You cut right through the need of the model to “Look Good” right to making the soul look alive.

As an American Housewife, I felt that “career” gets little or no respect. I was somewhat embarrassed to admit that is my career, but I am proud to be an American Housewife. I am not trapped, hiding or tied down to house and family.

With this series you have shined a beautiful light on the American Housewife. We are not female only. We are not lounging on couches eating bonbons. We are sometimes alone and frustrated. We are not tools in the garage of life. We are unique, strong, Americans.

Just as you, Dave, take pictures of corporate giants, the “Housewife” stands tall. Thank You!

– Jeanna Lane on The American Housewife photography experience

Jeanna had some reservations about portraying the nude photos, as she felt her church would not understand the art and message behind it, but was one of the few subjects willing to push the artistic boundaries. I was deeply moved by her passion and strength. She exemplified the heroic figure I imagined and it was inspiring to see her step out of her comfort zone.

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3 thoughts on “Jeanna, An American Housewife

  1. Dear Dave,

    I am just blown away by my House Wife post. My family just lost my Father-in -law in a horrible motorcycle crash.
    The memorial service was Thursday. The single thing we have, as a faint reflection of his spirit, are the photographs.
    You are such an artist in holding that human fleeting essence in your hand, and sharing it with the world.

    My heart is crushed at this time. Your post gave my spirit wings. Thank you Dave.

    Love always,

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