Jimmie Johnson: NASCAR legend

I am proud to announce we had the March 2016 cover of Success Magazine! Jimmie Johnson is not only one of the most successful and nicest man in NASCAR, but does great work through his wife Chandra and his foundation, Jimmie Johnson Foundation, whose mission is to assist children, families and communities in need throughout the United States.  To date his foundation has contributed more then $7.7 million to various organizations, currently focusing on K-12 public education.

This isn’t our first time meeting Jimmie as our first cover with him came quite a few years ago at a race in New Hampshire with Tony Stewart for Parade Magazine.  For our latest cover, we had one hour with Jimmie and had to move him through five sets and multiple cover options.  The success and efficiency came through the clear and decisive art direction of Amy McMurry of Success Partners and the accommodating folks at Hendrick Motorsports who allowed us to set up on the prior day.

The pre-light day was essential with so much to accomplish in such a short time. We took a few dry runs with my assistants, Justin Chiu and Kyle Puma, which felt very much like a well practiced pit crew by the end of this day. Our hair/make up stylist, Sandi Fix, was not only lightning fast with make up but helped with wardrobe as well. It’s hard not to get excited with the constant background of earth shaking engines firing up with pit crews breaking down and rebuilding engines.
With all the prep work, the shoot went off without a hitch and we actually finished under the time we were allotted. Most importantly, we had a happy client. Below are the cover, some shots of the spreads as well as a few bonus outtakes.
The tires are actual race/practice tires that were used in practice or races. They are re-purposed or resold to fans.
Jimmie with his actual steering wheel.
Jimmie Johnson the cover of SUCCESS, March 2016


Jimmie Johnson for Success Partners
This was the image we delivered to the client that was chosen for the cover. You can compare to the cover to see the tweaks they made when it went to print.
Jimmie Johnson for Success Partners
Jimmie in his fire suit with the checkered flag. This was another option for the cover that ultimately wasn’t chosen. It would have been cropped and put onto a different background.


Photographer: Dave Moser
Art Director: Amy McMurry
Assistant / Retoucher: Justin Chiu
Assistant: Kyle Puma
Hair and Makeup Stylist: Sandi Fix

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