Laura, American Housewife

Laura, #0484

We arrived early in the morning to start our day with our next Housewife. I was met by a visibly nervous Laura who confided in me that she had not slept due to her anxiety around the shoot and was even considering an early morning cocktail.  Although terrified, she was ready to step out of her comfort zone.

Our first set asked a lot of her, yet she bravely agreed. While scouting her house I noticed a swing in the back yard, and envisioned a goddess-like image.  We went through her wardrobe and found a simple white slip for her to wear before positioning her on the swing. For each shot, my assistant, Jason Blake, would climb the ladder and pour a large bucket of warm water over her, quickly climb down, grab the ladder and leave the frame.  It was a fairly chilly morning and the warmth from the water would only last momentarily. Her dog took issue with our light and barked each time it fired, while her cats curiously started to play on the deck railing. With all the elements coming together, we were able to get the image I wanted after only a few gallons.

Laura, #0335

Laura was kind enough to share her mindset and ensuing catharsis from the experience. In her own words:

At the time you came to shoot, I was in the midst of being a stay-at-home mom, grieving for my father, and praying for my mother to get over her chronic addiction to drugs and alcohol. I was very nervous at the thought of being the focus of a professional photo shoot because, at the time, I was so removed from myself, I didn’t have much positive self reflection.

You and your crew arrived and after the few minutes of customary small talk, I realized I had a lot of control over the situation and how I wanted myself to be perceived by the lens. Most of the photos showed me as a strong person who knows what she wants. I guess I didn’t realize the old me was still present until I saw the end results of your work. Thank you for that! I would be honored to be your subject again! Thanks for the opportunity Dave!

Stay tuned for more housewives in the coming weeks and definitely comment below to let us know what you think about Laura and The American Housewife series as a whole! Check out more in the series with Laura below.

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  1. This is fantastic! A great reminder of what the world sees of you Laura…a reminder of who you are! I love photography. It draws the eye in so that we can see the beauty in isolation despite the static of the world around us!

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