More Accolades for Dave’s Merriman Project

Happy day, as Dave just heard that he’s won an Applied Arts’ award for his photography series: Love Story. His series will appear in the May 2013 print and web editions of Canada’s most prestigious design and communications magazine.

The magazine’s online winner’s gallery, for Photography alone, generates over 300,000 visitors annually, while their print readership is 46,000.

If you’re not familiar with Dave’s Merriman work, you can read more about it in our previous blog post, here. The project is still in progress, but  you can see how nicely the images will appear when they’re officially presented:

merriman_project_dave_moser_photographerThere are already over sixty 16″x24″ prints displayed in the permanent installation. If placed side-by-side, that would be 120 feet long. However, the prints are hung 3 high covering all open space with no gaps between them.

A gallery show and book are currently in the works as well. More to come on this project…


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