Pro Bono: The Bethesda Project

The president of a local and influential financial investment firm invited me to create imagery pro bono of residents at The Bethesda Project. The charity was created in 1979 in Philadelphia and their mission statement includes, “to find and care for the abandoned poor and to be family with those who have none.” I was asked to create imagery that “comforted the afflicted and afflicted the comfortable.” I set out to create portraits of the residents that showed homelessness affects all demographics. I wanted the portraits to convey transcendence, from a very difficult and dark time to a time that has hope and relief.

The images would then be used on the company’s annual holiday card whose clientele includes high net worth individuals, announcing the firm’s contributions to the charity and raising awareness of the issues and the mission of the non-profit. Perhaps the recipients would even be inspired to make donations themselves!

The images and the beautifully designed card by Veronica Miller at Sanchez Design Partnership and printed by Brilliant Graphics were a huge success. Not only was the firm honored at the charity’s annual gala at the Diamond Club at Citizen’s Bank Park, but I was invited as well! The Bethesda Project was so pleased that they used some of the portraits in their Annual Report.
Currently The Episcopal Academy has asked me to supply prints for their upcoming show. The prints are to be the “cornerstone and soul” of the show which will highlight the work Episcopal does in service to the community, with the purpose being to inspire students, faculty, staff and parents creating a starting point for a photography project for the students as they work with some of the school’s partner programs. We were honored to be asked again to do this for 2014, which we are just completing and we will share shortly.

 The Bethesda Project photographed by Dave Moser

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