What’s Your Passion?

Radian employees and their hobbies - kayaking, fandom, camping
Employees of Radian – “A Passion for Your Success”

Radian connects lenders, homebuyers, investors and loan servicers to a broad range of private insurance solutions, and is one of the leading mortgage insurers in the world. Despite being in a market segment that is considered highly commoditized, Radian separates themselves through their culture and employees. In collaboration with design agency Munroe Creative Partners, we wanted this campaign to show the heart of Radian by showing the passions of the individuals that make up Radian.

After extensive interviews and research to discover the passions of employees, we arrived at a unique and authentic set of passions that really embodied Radian’s dedication and commitment to their clients. Radian launched “an integrated campaign composed of print ads, videos, microsites, landing pages, email, direct mail, collateral, and digital calendar.” The main theme to unify everything as “A Passion for Your Success.”

Radian employee hobbies - Independence Day / 4th of July, LSU fan, Disney / Mickey, Fishing
Employees of Radian – “A Passion for Your Success”
Radian employee hobbies - poker, movies, skiing, backpacking
Employees of Radian – “A Passion for Your Success”
Radian employee hobbies - dance, snorkeling, piano, grilling
Employees of Radian – “A Passion for Your Success”

The actual shoots were a highly coordinated production. After arriving on the employee passions, props, wardrobe, and background color with the client, we sent out our prop stylist Susie Fischer a week ahead of time to source all the props and wardrobe. On our actual shoot days, we were able to streamline production and photograph one subject every 30 minutes, which included striking sets, building, propping, and styling the new sets, and of course, shooting. In total, we photographed 110 subjects in Las Vegas, Phoenix, and Philadelphia, with make-shift studios in restaurants, hotels, and gyms. This tight coordination and between my team and the client enabled us to take the production on the road and maintain the same efficiency.

Some of the crew for the Radian campaign in Las Vegas. Pictured: Dave Moser, Brittany Broyles, Linda Fung, Susie Fischer
Matt Romano quickly rolling seamless between sets on the Radian campaign


And a few more images:

Radian employee hobbies - traveling, drumming, gardening, golf
Employees of Radian – “A Passion for Your Success”
Radian employee passions: archery, opera, cooking, dogs
Employees of Radian – “A Passion for Your Success”
The campaign really differentiated Radian as a truly caring partner and the campaign was a hit, with extremely positive reactions from clients, prospects, investors and employees. Clients reported that the campaign strengthened relationships with Radian team members and there was so much excitement around the campaign from within Radian that we had an overwhelming number of volunteers to be subjects – including the president whose passion was America (pictured above with the American flag); the enthusiasm was intoxicating. Furthermore, the campaign resulted in an 83% year-over-year increase in engagement across digital!

What’s your Passion?

Client: Radian
Photographer: Dave Moser
Digital Tech/Assistant/Retoucher: Brittany Broyles
Assistant (and prop assembly): Matt Romano
Props: Susie Fischer
Hair/Make-up: Linda Fung

Here are a few of the final uses for the portraits: Radian corporate employee passion: Thanksgiving Radian Passion Website

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