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Philadelphia Photographer Dave Moser is a commercial and editorial photographer who specializes in advertising, portrait, and corporate photography. To see more of Dave's work, visit davemoser.com.

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5 thoughts on “Reality Amplified vs. Moserization

  1. Ian was instrumental in helping me with the full promotion and total re-branding. David matched the odd and memorable mailings with his language, Partners Design came at the design with no holds barred and with some unusual questioning that all made sense in the end. Bob Tursak printed my images exactly how I saw them, which I thought an impossible feat. It has all paid off in the end, bringing in new work, keeping existing clients, and creating strong and memorable touches, all of these were our goals from the start. Thank you.

  2. Having worked with Ian Summers at the Creative Black Book for several years, I am familiar with the challenges that many photographers face promoting themselves. Even so, Dave was by far the most risk-taking photographer I had ever met. What he wanted was not another postcard or online promotion, he wanted to create something legendary. I came into the project when the various quirky items had already been selected, and it was my job to elevate them into a singular themed promotion – with language as quirky as they were. The project succeeded splendidly to great acclaim and I still keep three of the promotional items in my office, where they continue to enchant and enthrall visitors. Of course, the best part is that Dave Moser’s images are even more remarkable than his promotions. Now Dave, about that five million in small bills…

    1. Well done David absolutely dgtlehied you got re-electedLets hope the First Team and the Combi, follow in your footsteps and keep on winningDo & Maxwell (Kevs Grandparents)

  3. You were daring from the beginning of this campaign; from the day you agreed to put your portfolio in a sardine can, to sending robots to prospects, to inviting agency creatives to make their own unimaginable chocolate bars, to Admiral’s dinners, to top secret promotions yet to come, to… . Always amplifying reality creating new bodies of personal work or making memorable portraits for a wide range of clients. Moserize the world. It shall be a better place.

    1. Who needs natural light ineded? Mere mortals, but you’ve transcended the earthly plane with this work. I’d never have guessed this was your first after dark session; you have utter mastery of the light. Beautiful work!

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