Success with Megyn Kelly – Work Harder, Do Better, Stop Whining

We got to spend an afternoon with journalist and NBC host Megyn Kelly for a recent cover story for Success Magazine. The cover story  included 12 images beyond the cover with a behind the scenes clip (see below) shooting Megyn on the streets of Manhattan – “Work Harder. Do Better. Stop Whining.” While she is now the host of her new NBC show, Sunday Night with Megyn Kelly, we photographed Megyn while she was still with Fox News’ hosting The Kelly File. 

Megyn was a joy to work with. There was lots of laughing on set, with Megyn dishing it out as well as taking it. She came across as intelligent, open, witty, thoughtful, completely at ease, and willing to work with me – the perfect kind of subject. In the middle of the photoshoot, she was called away to do a live promo for her show, and yet she was apologetic and promised to make up the time on the tail-end of the shoot – and she did! I could not have asked for more from her.

megyn kelly fox nbc editorial portrait
Megyn Kelly for Success Magazine. November 2016
The original image for the cover

Our crew arrived at the Fox News building the night before and we had a chance to scout a few locations around the building. We had a short time to set up the next morning and a relatively short amount of time with Megyn, so we worked out a few scenarios with input from our Art Director, Amy McMurry as well as the General Manager of Success Magazine, Jim McCabe. We were able to remain flexible enough in our sets that we were able to provide multiple versions for the article, and were able to pivot and adapt our outdoor sets to provide a bonus scenario that the magazine ended up using. It was exhilarating photographing Megyn outside the Fox News building (next to Times Square) as a crowd of bystanders grew beside the photoshoot and shouted their love for Megyn from the sidewalk.

Megyn Kelly outside the Fox News building. There was a crowd of spectators lined up along the sidewalk watching us photograph her. Numerous security officers kept the crowds at bay.
Megyn outside the Fox News building
Megyn reviewing notes in one of the control rooms at Fox News
Megyn Kelly laughing at something Dave said, and then asking “Where did you find this guy?!”

Selfie with Megyn Kelly

Check out a behind the scenes video from our shoot with Megyn. Behind the scenes footage by Mark Gambol.

Megyn Kelly currently serves as the anchor to NBC’s Sunday Night with Megyn Kelly. She was formerly the anchor for Fox News’ The Kelly File. Before Fox News, she was a general assignment reporter in Washington, D.C. where she covered national and local stories. Prior to her career in television news, Kelly practiced law for nine years. Megyn’s book, Settle for More, is a New York Times Bestseller. She lives in New York City with her husband and children.

Art Director: Amy McMurry
Photographer: Dave Moser
Digital Tech / Assistant / Retoucher: Justin Chiu
Assistant: Jason Blake
Video: Mark Gambol

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