…and now for something different: Victorian Deirdre

…and now for something different. It’s great to play and try new things. It keeps my eye fresh and my curiosity fed. My sister in law, Deirdre Finnigan is a professional actor, dancer, singer. I’ve got to admit I love being in a family full of professional singers, musicians and artists. Our holiday get togethers are full of music, something I treasure.

Deirdre asked me to shoot a headshot of her for upcoming shows and to simply have on file. I was happy to oblige! In return I asked if she would sit for me and bring along some wardrobe options. I have posted the results below, which involved playing around with distressed overlays, tinting and partial black and white/toned conversions. The idea was to evoke a more Victorian feel. Which do you prefer? What’s your take?

Deidre Finnigan
Deidre Finnigan

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